Sustainability and the GMO Connection


Sustainability is one of those words that people think they know, but then in conversation, the word can take on a different meaning. Sustainability is generally related to resources – people, planet, and supporting systems in which resources are used.   

For me, sustainability is the continuation of something.  A seed is planted, it grows, it is harvested, and then the next generation seed can be planted again, and process continues. Historically this has been called the cycle of life.  Self-sustaining and ongoing…a circular event.  

For people, macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are essential for functionality and sustaining life. What happens when food supplies are not enough to meet demand?  

Recently I had a conversation with a colleague about world hunger and the availability of food; this discussion quickly circled around to Monsanto (owned by Bayer) and GMOs. Some sources claim that GMOs are the key to global food security while others raise concerns over negative environmental impacts, threats to small farmers, and groups like Monsanto monopolizing the seed market (Cornish).   

Food for thought:  Is the issue that GMOs are unhealthy, threats to small farming operations, or is the problem related to a corporate takeover of the world’s food systems?   

We would love to know your perspective on this important issue…join the respectful discussion on this post to share ideas and reference on the topic: Sustainability and the GMO connection.      


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